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Fun with Gradients and Masks

Come meet me!

Let's meet up and talk/social drink/bash half-baked APIs together! Here's my schedule for the next few months - if you gonna be at one or more or these events let's meet!

360iDev, Denver - August 16-19, workshop and a talk

NSSpain, Logroño Spain - September 15-18, workshop

Mobiconf, Krakow Poland - October 1-2, workshop

Pragma Mark, Florence Italy - October 9-10 workshop

RWDevCon 2016, Washington DC - March 11-12, 2016 workshop

Cool animation links

Here it comes the list of animation links I stumbled upon during June:

· Do you know of a cool new animation Swift library or interesting blog post?
· Do you want to sponsor an issue of iOS Animations by Emails?
· Do you want to write an animation tutorial for iOS Animations by Emails?
  If so check out my contacts in the footer. Thanks!